Hey there,

My name is Phil (@pliao39) and I’m a software engineer.

I spent about 5 years working in software in SF and picked up a lot of lessons along the way. I’ve mentored my fair share of interns and junior engineers - and looking back, I wish I could’ve mentored myself as well.

My goal for this newsletter is twofold:

  • Accelerate the career of junior engineers: I’ve seen people get placed on great teams early in their careers and watched their careers take off. I’ve seen others get stuck in a “lord of the flies” situation, where the blind lead the blind. Not pretty. I believe juniors should have access to good mentorship regardless of what team they’re on.

  • Share the burden of mentorship for senior engineers: It’s exhausting being a mentor. To properly mentor a junior, you need to provide instruction, give constructive feedback, offer (some) emotional support, and possess a deep reservoir of patience (juniors are often smart, but overconfident and under-skilled).

There are a lot of topics I want to write about. Here’s a list of potential ones:

  • What is it like to be let go in a layoff? How do you manage the emotions? How do you get another job?

  • Should I be working on side projects while I work a day job?

    • What makes a good side project? Revenue? Users? Learning?

  • What languages should I learn?

    • Rust sounds cool. Go sounds popular. Dart + Flutter are growing. How should I choose?

  • How to tell if my manager is good or bad (for me)

    • Will my career grow or stagnate under my manager and how can I tell early?

  • What does a good 1-1 look like?

  • How important are peer relationships (people who are within 3-6 months of experience as you)?

  • How can I position myself in my company to take advantage of growth opportunities

    • Not all projects are created equal. 1 year of experience on a good project != 1 year of experience on a bad one

  • How do I navigate technical debt

    • Corollary: is the technical debt at your company basically a ponzi scheme or is it some strategically deployed AAA debt?

    • Beware of egos

    • Is it useful to learn how to clean up technical debt?

  • Which books should I read?

  • Should I be leetcoding even if I'm happy at my job?

  • How can I effectively use code review to grow?

    • There's getting a "quick stamp" - and then there's quality control. But you need to first determine who knows quality - and that can be hard to judge as a junior engineer.

  • Shit, I have to do something in X, but I don't understand it at all. Is there a quick guide? (Some examples of X)

    • Security

    • IAM, SAML, and SSO

    • Databases, Queues, and Caches

      • Replication lag bugs

    • Configuration Management

    • Testing

    • Client-Server, APIs, and IDLs (including GraphQL)

    • Metrics and Logging

    • ElasticSearch and Lucene

    • Time

    • Currency

    • Serialization and Networking

    • Service Discovery

    • Command Line basics

    • Cookies and Sessions (possibly AdTech)

    • Email Protocols (IMAP, POP3, SMTP)

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